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Ok let’s talk cleaners

First off yes I did look online and through the threads.
Ok so when I go shooting I take my daughters, girlfriend, and usually at least one more person. We take a average of about 8 or more guns when we go. Rifles and pistols. I’m wondering what everyone uses to clean and oil their guns so that the cleaning time is cut down. I haven’t tried the cleaners like frog lube and shooters lube but have seen the videos but still skeptical on them. I use hoppes products but would like to cut my time down. This also includes hunting rifles and edc pistols.
I too am curious what everyone else is using.
I’ve been using good ‘ol Hoppes #9 for cleaning and I am still working through a can of Castrol / Hoppes synthetic gun lube I bought years ago.
I have some shooters lube for future cleaning but I am working through the old stuff first so I haven’t tried it yet


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You're supposed to clean them?

Honestly, when I do get around to cleaning one, it depends on which gun it is.

Hard to beat Hoppe's #9 as a general solvent for must of the gunk in an action and barrel unless you have serious leading or copper fouling from neglect.

Makes a good cologne, too.

Keep in mind that lubes aren't cleaners, and vice-versa.

I have a Hornady Hot-Tub Ultrasonic cleaner for some jobs. But that is NOT a time-saver. There's a lot of post-U/S scrubbing, rinsing, drying, and lubing afterward.
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Spray on brake cleaner (less than $5 a can at various hardware/automotive stores) on most carbon build up. Do not spray on plastic, but GLOCKs seem immune, which is nice.

Hoppes and a brush. Chamber, cylinders and barrels.

Lucus, Remoil or whatever floats your boats.


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I have a Hornady Hot-Tub Ultrasonic cleaner for some jobs. But that it NOT a time-saver. There's a lot of post-U/S scrubbing, rinsing, drying, and lubing afterward.
You've got that right, MAC.

I've got one as well and will typically set it to cleaning something really fouled up while I am hand-cleaning something else. Unless I've got a bunch of cleaning to do, I don't usually break it out as it really is not a time saver. It does power through some seriously caked-on stuff though; does a great job on the things that I use it for.


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Carb cleaner, brake cleaner..sometimes that GunScrubber stuff. Sweets 7.62 for copper..Hoppes for not..Remington Wonderlube can that is probably 20 years old.


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I have Hoppes, Lucas, Froglube, Breakfree CLP, Rem 40x bore cleaner.

I use them all depending on what mood I'm in. Watch the Wilson Combat video on YouTube and see how little cleaning is important and how much more proper lubrication is.

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We use GunZilla for general cleaning. Its not a well known CLP, but we have used it for years. There are not many places that carry it, we actually just sold our last bottle a week ago and are waiting on another shipment to arrive. It is 100% natural, doesn't have any bad smells, and it just works!

A little bit of this stuff goes a long way! The small 8oz bottle will last the average person a year or longer! We use about a gallon a year of the product doing all of our cleaning.

Now it does provide pretty good lubrication but there are a couple of dry lube products that we use that seem to work a little better. This is getting off the cleaning topic so I will stop here in regard to lube, but it does a better job than most, just not the best in our opinion.

Oh and a side note if you have copper buildup then the copperzilla works good, but there are some other cleaners that if the buildup is bad then they can work better. Outers Foaming Bore Cleaner for cleaning copper buildup is really good.

If your interested in checking it out let us know we can set a time for you to come by to check it out.
Not that the OP or most people here need it but we also have a cleaning class where we teach people how to disassemble, clean, and reassemble their firearms.


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I really like the Slip 2000 product line of cleaners and lubs but switched back to Hoppes for cleaning but the Carbon Killer product from Slip works great on BCGs and shotgun pistons and the choke tube cleaner is great too.

They offer a water based cleaner that works well and has no odor but I guess I miss the smell of #9!

The EWL and EWL 30 are great lubricants as well.

I’m not a paid spokesperson or own stock in the company just like the product.