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Older 1911 Identification / Information Request


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During a video call conversation today with my Father in Law we got to talking about firearms, I have been looking at 1911's recently and asked if he had any experience with them and his general thoughts.
He showed me his old .45 1911 that says Ithaca on the slide and on the frame it says "El Monte, CA" and "NO. 1321". It looked really cool from what I could see with the old guy waving his video phone around and I am curious to learn more.

Does anyone have any idea what year it was made and / or any other interesting info about it?

Here’s an out of focus photo I was able to nab from the video as he waved it by some of the markings 8B6A2F1A-6CFB-4538-AEA4-0D2206CAFDE9.jpeg

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That 1911 was pieced together from parts by the gunsmiths at Federal Ordnance of South El Monte, Ca.
I used to visit their public store as they were the place to go back in the 80's for every C&R weapon you could think of. I bought many fine 1903 Springfields, Mausers, Enfields, Mosins, 1911's etc...from them for years. I remember back in 1989 they had racks and racks of Argentine 1911's made by Colt and FMAP for $150 each.