Older Dillon case feeder constant jams


Any of you have one of the older case feeders with tips on how to get it to stop constantly jamming? Everything I've seen online refers to the newer case feeder where part of it is metal.

I'm loading 9mm and the cases getting jammed up are really bringing to process to a snails pace. 9mm has been so cheap the last couple years I've just been buying it, but I'm tired of going to the store all the time and I have about 5000 bullets and enough titegroup for 10,000+ so the adventure begins... [will update with pictures of problem]


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Define "older." Mine is about ten years old, but Dillon has a new updated variable speed version that only recently became available.

When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned it, especially underneath the case feed plate? More importantly, exactly where are the jams occurring?

You have the correct small pistol case feed plate installed, I assume.


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Mine jams a case in between two cases in the case feed plate. Contemplated simply taping over every other case notch. I know they come with a spring arm or something that tends to prevent this, so my other option is to take all three off to the Dillon store "some day."