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Open a can of worms...Shotguns


I have always liked Mossbergs for the price you dont feel bad about beating them up in the field.I have gotten funny looks at clay matches with a mossberg.


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I've owned/hunter with both the Mossberg 500 and Wingmaster. (And a few other less well know POS shotguns) As a lefty, I prefer the Mossbergs.

I've also shot the Ithica, SPAZ and an old WW2 Winchester (Model 7?). Favorite was the Win. Perfect little HD shotty, but no 3" shells.

I hunted Grouse, Ptarmigan, Squirrels and rabbits in heavy brush in Alaska with my Mossberg 500, 20in barrel, Leopold sights, in heavy to medium brush with accurate shots out to 40yrds. Mostly 3" Express Magnum duck loads, but on occasion I would take a squirrel with 00Buck, by shooting though the tree trunk. (I was young and dumb). It could also put 8 slugs on a paper plate at 75yrds all day.

Taking Grouse on the fly with a 20in barrel was tough, but I had a great teacher and lots of practice. I don't think I could do it now.

I tried to buy a 26in barrel for it, but I found out later they don't make them for that model, the barrel lug was in the wrong spot. (So it may have been M590, not 500. It was 25yrs ago!)

If was strictly hunting, and right handed, I would get the Wingmaster. Great gun.