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Pay it forward


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EDIT 051820 - GONE

Approx 120 lbs scrap tubular steel.
From 2 above-ground pool frames I never disposed of as I replaced the entire pool every few seasons. I don’t know what info is important for scrappers, but feel free to ask.
Wagon in pic not included.

Rainbow-Cheyenne, LV
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Man, I got to believe that useful stuff....
I've built steel carports and such out of reclaimed stuff like that before. Sometimes large trampoline frames are good for that as well.

Target frames would be another good use for it. Among other things. If it were up here in the Reno area I'd pick it up in a heartbeat.


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Free to a good home in Reno/Sparks area, Remington Shotgun case. I know for sure it fits an 870, looking online it seems to fit 1100 and 11-87s as well.

Do a Google image search for "Remington shotgun hard case" you will see what appears to be the same case advertised with all three models.

On edit: Has space for two barrels, choke tubes, wrench and factory mag tube block.