Pin and Weld

Holy expensive muzzle brake, Batman!!!

Nice work. Did u have to remove a factory muzzle device? (Usually only pin and weld on a barrel shorter than 16”)

John at M13 industries just did one for me.
I was a little worried because the factory pin/weld was polished and finished at the factory so it was very hard to see, but John got the old brake off and new flash hider pinned and welded in about 30 minutes! There’s some threads online where guys tried to do it themselves and came close to, or actually did wreck their barrels. Definitely beyond my skill set.


uber n00b
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Thanks Joe. This is a new build, so I didn't have to remove anything. It is interesting when you do open up a "pin & weld" sometimes. occasionally you will find nails, coat hanger, and other mystery items were used. This one was challenging because of th ehigh nickle content. I usually set my machine to 80 amps and have pedal left over, this stuff I was using all of 140 amps.