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It was made by an outfit called Sana Cutlery. I thought it looked like it came from possibly Yemen or India but the company told me it was manufactured in NY by their family. Either way it's substantial and while it'd be a bit heavy for dress pants, it works fine with jeans.


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I appreciate the beauty and skill in a fine knife, but could never justify one to myself. I use knives everyday and need a couple around for when I inevitably lose one and can't afford crying about it. So I have cheap Gerbers and whatever else is handy.

Now, the bayonets for all the military rifles in the collection is another story...
United (Unsharpened throwing knife)

Perfect Point (Unsharpened throwing knife)

Multi-Tool (All Stainless Steel, no manufactuer's name)

Buck 110 (Gift from fiancee'. Belonged to her husband, RIP. Was just sitting in night stand, turning green. Cleaned it up.)

Benchmade Barrage 154 cm (EDC

Nimravus 154 cm (Bought a Patriot sheath for it with fire starter attached.)

Tops Sky Marshall Q-315 (My first, before my son referred me to Benchmade knives.)
Knife Assortment.JPG
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Been carrying a Ken Onion Kershaw Storm II for close to 20 yrs or more. Lost he original and bought a replacement a year or two ago.
I also have my Buck 110 from the 90's and a few others from Gerber, Frost, S&W.

I have a problem when it comes to Spyderco.
I have too many.. but keep buying more.
If I couldn’t have my Spyderco’s, I’d opt for Benchmade, Zero Tolerance, Microtec, Boker.
It all boils down to the steel for me ultimately. S35v, m390, s90v. Some of my favs.


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I'm now on my 4th, bought the first one in 2002. Starts out as half serrated and some have gone full over time. I am a bit hard on them, but I still have all 4 and might fix up the old ones at some point.