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Post your offroad vehicle


What, me conspiracy?
I picked this up a couple weeks ago for $500.. 1995 Cheyenne 2500 4x4, 350/auto with 177k, but has a light rod knock and somewhat low oil pressure. Also leaks transmission fluid from between the trans and transfer case. Having said that, it drives great despite the knock and leak, and I've already put 363 miles on it. I have another motor already for it though, so once I have the shop fully set up and operational (and I have some time) I'll swap it and fix the leak and some other minor issues. This thing is a climbing beast! I took it out on some trails the other day and I was very impressed with how it climbed some steep rocky/loose dirt grades, even despite its heft. Seems like a great truck so far.


What do you think of the Warlock? I have been looking at those but was wondering about the room in the rear seat with that Quad cab.
They make it in a crew cab if you want to wait there are just none available. I love it tons of power . I have 6 kids( 3 teenagers ) and no issues with space. I wish they had the crew cab available tho when I bought mine nobody will have one until on the lot probably October and by that time the rebates may run out.