Recall on Walther PPS M2 pistols


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Yeah my serial is in there too so I'll be sending mine in. Sucks but so far I've had good experience with Walther CS (as well as Walther products altogether) so I don't mind the inconvenience. And the way this pistol shoots it's still a keeper.


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Got my PPS back :)

After dragging my feet for a while I finally got around to shipping it to Walther. Sent it on 7 Jan, Walther received it on the 10th, they shipped it back to me on the 14th and I received it on the 16th. Pretty quick turnaround if you ask me. Took it to Green Valley Range the day after and was reminded of why I love shooting it so much. Except for the Shield and Sigs P225 and 239, I've never been a fan of shooting single stack 9's due to the narrow grip. But the PPS always felt nice in my hand while squeezing rounds off (so to speak:).

Love for Walther CS: Last summer when I bought the gun, in a rare WTF moment when shooting a Walther firearm, all 3 phosphoric dots fell off the sights before I reached the 50 round mark. I figured I'd just put Trijicons on after getting it back from Walther so I didn't ask them to replace the dots for me. Instead they put brand new sights on the gun at no charge. Happy to say that after my range time on the 17th the dots are still intact after shooting over 50 rounds, but we'll see if they stay on by the 100 round mark lol!



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Another shout out to Walther Customer Service.

I picked up a Walther CCP off the board here. Found out it too had a drop safe recall.

Mailed it last Thursday, 1/17. Free overnight FedEx shipping. Got an email Friday letting me know the gun was received and that repair times were running in the 5-7 day range.

Got notification that it shipped out today, 1/22 2-Day Shipping, and should be here Thursday, 1/24.

So far great customer service.


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My PPS original had issues with the mag release (lint from carrying it) and wouldn't function correctly. I took it apart to clean it and broke the mag release (my fault). Sent them an email and they sent me the parts I needed no cost.