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Removing Leaf spring from MAADI ARM

I am installing the TWS Top cover with dog leg. I have to remove the rear sight.
Rear sight is removed, but can't get the leaf spring out, I know videos show it just dropping out,
but this one will not come out, even when prying on it.

Any suggestions, can't go to M13 Industries, I live in northern Nevada.


uber Member
Use some needle nose pliers (or any that will give you a good bite) and pull on the leaf towards the muzzle end of the rifle / on the same horizontal plane as the rifle. There is a divot in the leaf that makes it a pain in the rear to get them out sometimes. Best of luck to you.
I had figured, studied, watched videos, and could not get the leaf spring out.
When I got your e-mail, I had the spring out in 3 min, I now have the TWS cover installed, and though $$$
you get what you pay for. MANY MANY thanks.