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Roger Phillips Resignation from Suarez International

Roger Phillips

Fight Focused Concepts
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I have not posted here in a while due to wanting to finish up my scheduled Suarez International (SI) courses and get my resignation submitted. As soon as I resigned I was banned from Warriortalk and was not able to thank my students for all of the support and outstanding experiences.

I would like to go public to get my thank you's in and to show my appreciation. So many people have asked me what is going on and what I am going to do, to answer some of those questions here is my resignation letter that was sent to SI.


After in depth consideration, it is with great sadness that I must announce (effective immediately) my decision to no longer continue on as a Sub-Contract Instructor, into 2014 with Suarez International (SI). Unfortunately, family obligations make it impossible for me to fulfill the requirements of the position. I was honored when I was asked to bring my Point Shooting Progressions courses to SI and teach them under the SI banner. With these courses no longer being offered by SI in 2014, I find myself regrettably forced to deal with this extremely tough dilemma.

Along the way I have met many outstanding people and have made a good number of close friends. This is something that means the world to me. But as unfortunate as it is, the concept of "God, Family, and Tribe" leaves me no option but to do what I have to do to fulfill my commitment to God and to provide for my family to the very best of my ability. That commitment would not be possible if I were to just abandon my ongoing study of seven years of extensive work inside of my specialty.

I want to take the time to express my gratitude for the opportunities that you and SI have given me. I will always look back on my time with SI with great pride in our accomplishments and with fond memories. I wish you all great success in all of your future endeavors.

Respectfully, Roger Phillips

For those that train with me, those that have wanted to train with me, and those who refuse to train with me due to the behavior of SI, I invite you to keep track of me at my website http://www.fightfocusedconcepts.com/

or my Facebook accounts https://www.facebook.com/roger.phillips.33886



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Congratulations Roger, I always looked forward to training with your tribe and always walked away exhausted but armed with new skills and abilities. There was always a part of me that did not like any of my $$ going to your former employer, but I still signed up because of the quality of your instruction.

I look forward to training with you and FFC once again, do you have an idea when classes will be up and running again. No dates on the FFC website that I could find. I remember you telling me why there would be a break in teaching if your ever left SI, I am just wondering if that extensive ridiculous no teach time has changed? Post here if you want, send a PM, or I can call you the cell if need be.



Banned?! :nonod:

I know where to find you Roger, and I look forward to continuing my studies with you! I would be lying if I said I didn't see this coming, there was much writing on the wall.


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If you want to change it, you can easily edit your user title which still reads "Suarez International" under your user name on your posts.

Go to the User CP link in the menu at top and select Edit Details under the Profile section.


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I had the pleasure of taking you PSP class and found it very challenging and found you to be a very nice person with integrity. I have been a member on this forum for 5 years and I got banned from Warriortalk without an explanation one day. I emailed the board and they said it was because I spoke of a different vendor that sold a $5.00 part that they don't carry. Though they reinstated me a was soured that they would throw away a SI student and OST customer so easily. The board has almost a cult like tone. If you express a minority opinion or an inexperienced one you are made fun of and jumped on. I never shared my thoughts about this here on this board to honor your sponsorship. Good luck and maybe I will train with you again sometime.

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Roger Phillips

Fight Focused Concepts
Commercial Sponsor
If you want to change it, you can easily edit your user title which still reads "Suarez International" under your user name on your posts.

Go to the User CP link in the menu at top and select Edit Details under the Profile section.
Thank you, I forgot to make that edit.


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It was a pleasure training with you over these years.

You were instrumental in helping get this forum on the map and back in 2010 you held a member-only shooting class.... Which i can credit to me getting into training.

If you're ever in central TX for a class, please let me know.

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Glad to see you are still moving forward and doing what needs to be done in your best interest. I enjoyed the class I took with you and look forward to more in the future.


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Roger, keep us posted on your future training endeavors.

You are still with us at the other job right?


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It was good to train with you in the clases that I've taken with you. Good luck in your future endeavors, I look forward to training with you again.

Roger Phillips

Fight Focused Concepts
Commercial Sponsor
I appreciate the kind words everyone.

Here is the low down. When I resigned, three other Instructors had also resigned. We are now running our own businesses for our individual families under an umbrella organization called Paragon Pride.

Paragon-Pride is the coalition of 4 training companies operated by men who view this as a calling, not just a business. Under this umbrella of excellence you will find Roger Phillips/ Fight Focused Concepts, Dr. John Meade/Statdoc Consulting, Inc., Don Robison,/ Dynamic Response Training and Eric Pfleger

Since we are all working as members of the Pride, I will be bringing them to Vegas to Instruct courses.

I have also started a blog and the link is wordpress link in my signature line.


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Can't believe I am now just seeing this. Good luck on your endeavors. I truly enjoyed training with you in the past and look forward to taking your new courses.