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My GF has a Ruger GP100 4" and its a hoot to play with. For yrs I wanted my own "tank" because they were just so damn cool.
Hangin out on GunBroker can be dangerous and costly. I thought that I'd just get a feel for the market and keep my on the lookout for a good deal. Turns out a shop was clearing out their Match Champions. I was leaning towards the 10mm version, but this deal was too good to pass up. $623 shipped to my FFL. They even did 2 day USPS PRIORITY MAIL.

I have a personal rule about shooting any new to me firearm within 24hrs. Since there was still some daylight when I picked it up, I went to my favorite spot and sent 150 rnds down range, some 38spl+P and 38 spl.
She shoots great. :)
Not a fan of black rear sights, but the green fibre optic front is nice.
I think that the Ruger is the easiest "stock" revolver to "stage" double action. There's a very obvious detent before the hammer drops.
The accuracy was very good. I had my steel plates hangin and had no problem ringing the steel from a laser verified 30yds.

Very happy new RUGER owner:love:(y)
I’ve been looking at them myself.I even held one at Ventura Munitions they had in the case last week.Isn’t the stainless finnish and the quality just awesome.Would make a great camping sidearm.
Congratulations on your new gun.
P.S.I’m kinda interested in the 7 round version.
I've got a Ruger Match Champion in .357. Its a really great gun but even better in my opinion is the Ruger Redhawk in .44 Magnum. Its such an awesome gun that I've got two.


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After 500 rnds it has developed a sound that seems like something loose inside. It still shoots lights out. I need to break her down and see whats up.

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Congrats on your purchase. I got a SS version in Oct. 2014. The only thing I did not like about it were the Hogue stippled grips, so I replaced them with some Altamont grips. FYI: SS is difficult to clean! :(
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It does take some effort to clean them that's for sure.
My method is to use scotch brite pad with Hopie's number 9.
Have been contemplating using either a dremmel or and die grinder with scotch brite.


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The ones on my GFs GP100 are after market and adjustable.
Not sure why Ruger made the MC sight different from the GP...


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Easiest and almost non-abrasive way to clean your Stainless guns, use a lead remover cloth from birchwood casey, great product very reasonably priced at $6, and cleans fast.

Chemically-treated cloth effectively attacks lead and copper bore deposit and removes them with only a few passes. Adds luster to nickel and stainless steel surfaces. Instantly removes carbon residue/powder fouling from the face of revolver cylinders and lead/plastic fouling in shotgun barrels.