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"making good sense"?

Surely you mean "making good cents", because having to transport your products halfway around the world infers that your only concern is to maximize profit at the expense of everything else.

As pointed out earlier, if Sig can make it here and make a reasonable profit, then why not SA?
Like I said, SAI was ALREADY tooled-up and employing a polymer pistol factory there.

Sig was ALREADY doing it domestically. They didn't start doing it with the latest lineup.

Whatever is being already done is what makes the most cents/sense, however you want to spell it. SAI absolutely could tool up and make it domestically. The pistol would probably be priced higher and some people would complain about that. We are so tribal, people complain about stuff being made in certain states. We hear less complaints about stuff made in Canada than overseas. Maybe because most of them speak English? Foreign is foreign, though.

Ironically, SAI is a domestic company, and Sig was a foreign one, albeit with a domestic presence, and its US holdings became so big they went independent.
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I've been reading up on the Hellcat as well as watching YouTube comparisons versus the M&P Shield, Glock 43, Sig P365: SA has a winner on their hands. I'm waiting for a Gear Up promo before buying one for summer carry. Hopefully by that time any reliability issues will be discussed.


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