SBR vs. Pistols


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I'm just curious what everyone's thoughts are regarding SBR vs Pistols. I've got a few SBR's and have preferred them over "pistols." However, this weekend I was able to play around with an AR-15 that had an SBA3 "brace" and I'm starting to wonder if SBR's are still the preferred route. Some platforms work much better as an SBR (CZ scorpion, Scar, etc), but as far as AR's go I'm finding it hard to not be drawn to the pistol crowd. No tax stamp, no long wait times, and no transportation restrictions make it an attractive option. The only issue I see is the ATF reversing their decision regarding shouldering pistol braces, but I'm pretty sure that won't stop anyone from doing so. Thoughts?
I have a couple pistols an AR-15 .556 and Sig 716 in 7.62 both work very well. I have a good stamp collection and it is a pain when you move to a new house and worrying about carrying the paper for what ever items you have. So pistols are one less thing to worry about. If ATF ever decides to reverse their ruling then you can worry about making it a SBR or a rifle or doing a work around....


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For most folks, an AR pistol is as good as a SBR, without the tax stamp worries. With collapsible braces having been approved by ATFE or more accurately, having been ruled as not creating an unstamped SBR when installed, there aren't many reasons to jump through the hoops for a stamp. Competitive shooting events don't usually allow them (at least IDPA doesn't) though.
I have an M92 PAP pistol.

Love it.

No interest in jumping through all the government hoops and red tape for an SBR. That's why I don't own any "silencers".

That and because if I had one I might be tempted to go commit silent murders, like in the movies, where the gun goes "thwip! thwip!" so stealthily and quietly you could assassinate a cat, in a room full of other cats, and none of them would even wake up.....



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Has anyone, ever, been detained, cited, arrested, prosecuted, or convicted for taking their SBR across state lines without "permission?" I've never filed that paperwork and never will.
I have an AR Pistol. With a Maxim Brace. Love it but always worry about NFA changes. I know they reversed the stance on if it changes it to an NFA item. But they left the shouldering pretty grey and could be interpreted many ways. Of course I have never heard of anyone having issues. But never know If I am going to the range and some jackass may give me issues. I personally decided the better thing for me to do was to just SBR a lower that I use locally. If I want to take it across state line I just swap out the lowers.


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I thought that I would hate the idea of an AR pistol and was wishy-washy on the idea of an SBR. I put together a 10" AR9, and honestly I love it. Partially its the PCC part that I most like, but its small, fairly light and honestly fits everything I'd want to do with a short AR.

Now, I cannot honestly imagine doing an SBR, though I have a couple more ideas for AR pistols....8" 300AAC and 4.5" .22LR. Just seems like everything is easier when its considered a pistol.


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I hated the idea of an AR pistol. To be honest I wasn’t a fan of the sb braces, shockwave braces, and thorsden tubes. However with the advent of the SBA3 and PDW braces I think it’s become a no brainer. The SBA3 brace has been a real game changer for me. The only way I would sbr is if I’m building sopmod block clones or if the firearm itself handled better as an sbr i.e. scar16, krink clone, slr106ur, etc.