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WTS Shield, Sigs, SP-01 Phantom

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Wife laid down the law. Need to shrink safe. Offered for sale are the following:

S&W Shield 9mm with 1 ea 7 round mag, 4 ea 8 round mags No sound, but probably 400 rounds through it. Asking $375

Sig SP 2022 9mm with 1 ea Sig 15 round mag, 3 ea MecGar Plus 2 15 round mags. Probably 500 rounds through it. Asking $375

Sig P229 .40 S&W with additional .357 Sig barrel. 2 ea Sig mags. This one has had significant loving use but is in good condition. Asking $400.
I also have ~400 rounds of .357 Sig ammo, some boxed, some bulk purchased. Since this is my only .357 barrel, asking $275 for the ammo.


CZ SP-01 Phantom, 9MM with less than 300 rounds through it. One mag. Asking $450.
Not interested in trades. Downsize is the prime directive.
Located NW LV.
Standard firearm laws apply. NV DL required, prefer CCW.
Bill of sale will be required, I will photograph your ID.