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Short vid...


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Howdy all,

I was out with a buddy last week trying out some new gear.
The T1000 target indicator from Magnetto Speed and LR-3 long range camera system
from Longshot Target Camera. Both performed great at 1760 yds. and 2000 yds.

Unfortunately, I had very little footage to cut from, with limited cameras, so this video is very brief.
The winds were also quite challenging from 7-10 mph of constant changing in direction.
But, anytime you can get out and shoot some ELR is always a good thing.

First shooter is running a Sako TRG-42 .338 Lapua Magnum (3 hits at mile, 2 hits at 2000 yds.)
Second shooter is running .375 Chetytac (3 hits at a mile, 2 hits at 2000 yds.)
Not very good results IMHO but, I've been away from shoot ELR for over 2 years and this was my first outing with my .375 CT,
so I'm getting my legs back sorta speaking.

Anyway, here's wishing all of your and your families a wonderful Christmas. To a healthy, prosperous and ELR year to come.