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shotgun fitter


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Where is "here"? Your profile doesn't show a location.

I don't personally know of any of our forum sponsors that do fitting of shotgun stocks, but I would suggest you start with (in no particular order) Gun Butler, New Frontier Armory, etc. our forum sponsors.
One of them may be able to help you out.

If that doesn't get it done for you and IF you are in Las Vegas, Give Clyde Stice a call at 1-702-878-7330, he's over near the 95 / Rainbow interchange.

While I no longer do any gunsmithing, depending on what you want done, I may be able to walk you through it so that you can do it yourself.
Clyde's even older than I am (by about 16 years) and has been at it even longer than I have. I started working on shotgun stocks when the primeval forest was still young, Clyde started when they were just sprouts.