Silhouette Matches for .22L Rifles

I thought you all might be interested in a low-key, casual sort of 22 match for rifle that we (the Palomino Valley Gun Club) put on once a month out at the Washoe County Shooting Facility north of Reno on the highway to Pyramid lake. We shoot at small animal silhouettes and have classes for both open sights and for scopes. Have a look at the Palomino Valley Gun Club website (t to see match descriptions and the scheduled matches on the Calendar page. Those page also contain schedule and match description for other type of matches and practices if those things interest you. The attached pic is of some of the targets we shoot at placed out on the range for a match. The distances a 44, 66, 84 and 109 yards. (Odd yards because our berms are metric distances.) Some smaller rams have been added since the picture was taken!

IMG_20161029_095517688_HDR A.jpg