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SKS from Palmeto


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Cleaned one of three today. I couldn't get the piston and hand guard off. My son figured it out, the piston rod was coming back where the piston extension is supposed to be, and was able to push the piston forward. There was no piston extension or spring. I found what I needed in my parts drawer. I took all the grease out with mineral spirits, brush and air compressor. The stock is rough but all the parts are in great shape. We will see if palmeto will make good on the missing parts. I am going to get aftermarket stocks for two of them and store the wood ones.


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Thanks, I was wondering about those PSA SKS's we've been getting ad-spammed with the last few weeks.


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I seen pics of the ones sold by classic firearms. Turned in, drowned in cosmoline. Stored for 50 years. Sold to Americans looking for a challenge.


What, me conspiracy?
Most of the recent batch of chi-com surplus SKSs seem to be in fair to poor condition overall. I looked at several in two different stores before I found even one that wasn't totally beat to hell.
I bought one from classic which I would say is in fair plus to good condition. Bore was packed tight with cosmoline so that looks brand new. I bought another from dk firearms but don't know when that one will come in since its stuck in Hodgkins Illinois due to these riots