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Smith & Wesson 681


Hydrostatic shock creator
I was just curious as how rare these were? I was shopping for a 686 recently and came across this at a local gun store for a price I couldn’t refuse. I’m a big fan of the fixed sights so it’s right up my alley but I’ve never heard much about this platform other than it’s in the 686 family. Plus it looks to be unfired so that’s a bonus.




uber Member
The L frame S&W revolvers came out as Law Enforcement was going to semi autos. The fixed sight was popular with LEOs as were the adjustable sight models. Once law enforcement went to semi autos the fixed sight 581/681 lost favor. I bought a 681 no box with original Magana grips at a show in Las Vegas in 2017 and later sold in on gun for over $700, there are still shooters looking for the fixed sighted guns.
The grips are after market I think they started as Rogers and then were sold to Safariland.


uber n00b
Its desirable to some SW guys especially very early ones (1980-81). Source a pair of the original grips and you should be golden.