Some guys POS is another’s jewel


I was just reading a Instagram feed where someone asked about .38 Special revolvers and another piped up don’t buy a POS Taurus M85. Now I’m certainly not going to tell you that the M85 is the best small concealable wheel gun out there, but it does have its purposes.
In my case I had a lot of .38 Special 146 gr WC bullets and lots of old brass. When I first started target shooting many years ago I practiced and practiced with these in the only gun I owned, a 6” Colt Python. Well now seeing what Pythons are worth today I didn’t want to load all this ammo and shoot it in the Python. (Yes I still own it) So instead of getting rid of the ammo I decided to buy a gun to shoot it in. A little while ago Taurus was giving rebates on their guns and with the rebate I picked this up for just over $200. I could have had one for less than $200 if I went with the lighter frame ones, but I have a fondness for SS. So for that incredibly low price I picked up a brand new gun (and a free NRA membership). Being it was so inexpensive I tore it apart as soon as I got it, polished and lubed all the interior surfaces and it shoots and feels pretty good now. I still have to do something about that front sight blade because I can’t pick it up in daylight because of the SS. Maybe just some paint will do.
Sorry this got long winded but anyway I don’t see why people call things a POS when they probably have no experience with them at at. For the money this inexpensive revolver has solved my problem of what to do with the ammo and I’m having a great time enjoying it.


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Had one and sold I just because I didn’t really have a need/use. However it went bang each time I used it. Can’t ask for a whole lot more.
So are you worried about the python breaking? or does shooting it tend to devalue it? sounds like you had it a while and don't plan on selling it you might as well shoot it. I don't own anything I won't shoot and that includes Taurus revolvers. As to there quality I am sure there are good ones and bad ones just like anything else that is mechanical.
If the Taurus does the job for you I wouldn't worry about what anyone else thinks about it.


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Taurus does make some nice guns. How hard is it to make a cheap, reliable wheel gun? Not hard at all!

Used to have M85 but sold it simply because I would never shoot or carry it.

Not long ago ended up with a PT111 Millenium G2. Heard of lots of issues with the first generation, but they seemed to work it all out with the G2. Nice Taurus, never a hiccup.


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Taurus has had some pretty bad CS issues over the past few years, probably why you keep hearing them called POS. I've only had experience with three Taurus handguns; two of them, both Model 85s, work perfectly. I just picked up the second one this week because it was an older gun that was identical to the M85 that I bought for my wife years ago and we sold when she gave up on getting a CCW in CA. It has a darn nice double action trigger for a POS!

The third Taurus was a 1911 belonging to a friend's father... unfortunately that one did deserve the POS label out of the box as it never cycled correctly even with 230 gr. hardball and finally broke its ejector in a way I've never seen happen with a 1911.

My take is that it's like a number of bargain priced firearms; if you get a good one, hang onto it and shoot it until the wheels come off. As long as you like it, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, including me.


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Most of the "POS Taurus" guns I hear about are their Auto pistols. Rarely do I hear anything negative about their wheel guns.

I have a Model 66 that I bought from a guy who decided he wanted to get into drugs. He bought it brand new back in the 80s and I bought it from him in 91. He shot the heck out of it and so have I. The gun has gone bang everytime I pulled the trigger and never once failed me. Best $80.00 i've spent.


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I bought a Taurus 605SS 357 and had lots of issues with it. It is very similar to the 85. Others also had issues with it and I thought the 85 also but for the most part the stainless models. I rarely buy new guns and this one was new so needless to say I was quite disappointed and turned off of Taurus. I have another that I bought used and haven't had a bit of trouble with it so I would likely buy a used one that has been proof tested before I would buy another used one. I ended up getting rid of it because I bought it for a carry piece and lost confidence in it.
I sold it to a friend real cheap. I made him well aware of the issues and he's an armature gunsmith and has fixed it several times. I believe it is finally fixed with some new parts. It would lock up under any loads hotter than 38, even 38 +P loads. It didn't shoot very accurate. I sort of expected that up a snubby but not that bad.


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A friend of mine had a 3" m85 years ago, he ran a lot of +p ammo through it, I really liked it, the SOB sold it and not to me. I never forgave him!


My Taurus 608 made it about 50 rounds before it was back for repair. It has been decent since , but I do not put as many rounds thru it as I do my S&W 586 , model 19 , 36 or 929.

Had a friend sent an older Taurus wheelgun back for repair and he was told they did not have parts to repair it.
my first handgun was a gently used stainless steel model 85 from the mid 1980s. it is a jewel, saved me once and i will never let it go.

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