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Steel ammo any good? ๐Ÿ˜‚

I was extremely lucky, it was just like slamming it in a drawer and it swelled up like 3x it's normal size. The glock looks pretty bad but it held up pretty well in my opinion, since all my fingers stayed attached.


Beware of Cat
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I've never had any problems with Tulammo 9mm, and it is the main stuff I've been using lately for my Beretta 92. Steel jacketed, steel cased, lots of steel.

My Surefire 60 round AR-15 magazine has had some issues with the friction using steel cased .223 Tulammo. I've never tried it with brass ammo though to see if it works any better.

The Hornady Steel Match .223 is just awesome. Match grade ammo at a good price... well, during non-Bidenpocalypse times.

The Winchester Forged 9mm ammo.... well, it's a little special. It works for the most part, especially in my 92, but it is really rough ammo. Has given me some feed issues in my pistols.