Talk about a negligent discharge!!!

Can't speak for what the Spanish AF might do, but in the USAF it would depend on the reason why.

I know of people in the USAF who have accidentally launched live missiles (one AIM-9 and one AIM-7), and since the investigations didn't reveal any sort of negligence or ill intent (just made mistakes), the pilots just went on with their lives and careers with no further disciplinary impacts.


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At least it wasn`t a Nuke.The US has lost a couple of nukes that they cannot find in the ocean.


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If it was the USAF, they would try every way possible to blame aircraft maintenance, weapons maintenance, weapons loading. the aircraft manufacturer or the missile manufacturer before pilot was accused of anything....


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I'm not sure which is worse, launch a missile by mistake or putting this out to the public.

If anyone encounters objects that may be parts of the missile or the missile itself, the defence forces ask the public not to touch it, but retreat and immediately call the air force at +372 717 1900 or the emergency line 112. The defence forces also ask the public not to go searching for the missile.