Taurus G2C

Hi All:
I guess Smokozuna and myself are the only ones who own G2c's. These are very great little firearms.

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I had one. I sold it because I prefered something smaller for EDC.
The fit and finish is on par with Glock & XD. Mine ran fine too, no hiccips.
Hi All :
TitanNv is right. I did a lot of research and read around 30-35 review and yes there was a bad one,about the trigger feel. But you get used to it.
I did not put in my original post that my FDE Taurus ran thru the first 1000 rounds without a problem so I bought the Stainless and black one. Both are very reliable. At the $200 or less price and a $30 rebate it was quite a bargain.
That is my review.
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