The Basic How To's of Wing Shooting (Shotgunnery 101)


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I've been shooting dove and quail for a few years but would never call myself an "accomplished" wing shooter. I can always use a few pointers. Can I be included in this meetup?


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I wouldn't exactly call myself a grand master, I do know which end of the shotgun is which, and I have a rough idea of how to use one after 59 years of swinging them at clays and live game, but I am always happy to share what little I do know with others, the more the merrier.

For folks just getting started in the sport, that is, those with little to no experience at shooting a shotgun at a moving target, I usually recommend starting with a few rounds of formal American Skeet, on a regulation skeet field, as this has proven to be the quickest method to teach foot placement, mounting the gun, swing,lead and follow through.

It can be done pretty much anywhere it is safe to shoot, with one of the electric's like Dusty's wife is getting, because they throw the birds consistently in the same place at the same speed , angle of elevation and such, time after time.

With a hand thrower it gets to be difficult to teach a beginner, due to the lack of consistency (which helps to build confidence early on in the learning curve) in the casts of the birds.

For folks who have a bit of wing shooting experience under their belts and want a tune up or instructions on how to hit game birds that don't fly predictably, then a combination of the electric trap and a hand thrower works well when a sporting clays course is not readily available.

So whenever ya'll feel up to it, just let me know, I'm pretty much always in the mood to bust clay pigeons, I think one or more of them wronged me in a previous life and I have been trying to settle score in this life!


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And this was the abbreviated, Reader's Digest Condensed version.........the internet would have ground to a halt if I put all the info on this subject here :001_tt2::lkick:.

, it wouldn't do as much good as a couple of hours at the range and a 100 birds fired at on the skeet field, or out on the sporting clays course.

One of these days with this nice weather we are having we should put together a Nevada Shooters Day at the Clark County shotgun park, group lessons session.
Was at the park today for the first time. My twins and a buddy's daughter had a hunter safety class. We shot the sporting clays, what a blast. I haven't done that in years. I only shot 50% but it was tons of fun.