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The laughable quality of modern smith and Wesson


Obsessed Member
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That sucks Man. I'm wondering how many shooters would have never thought twice about the problems You have had with this gun. I also wonder if S&W counts on most people not noticing their crappy work?

Dr. Marneaus

Station Wagon Collector
Its in their hands right now, will be another day or two before its "checked in".

I guarantee they wont buy it back. All i care about at this point is either getting a gun back that I approve of, or getting one back that I can sell in good conscience.
Less than Perfect

That is one awful bunch of defects. You can always claim the "I didn't have my glasses on" excuse for accepting it.

In my youth, searching for my first new handgun, I picked up many and could tell the difference in quality a lot of times just by the feel. One day I compared a S&W revolver to a Ruger and the Ruger won hands down. Been a fan ever since. The Smith & Wesson felt cheap. The whole gun felt like it was made with bad steel. Yes, the Ruger was heavier but that made me feel safe. So I ended up with a Ruger Speed Six just as they were switching over to the new model .357. Best money I ever spent. And to this day I've never considered buying a S&W unless it was an older gun like a previous poster stated. This was in 1987 or close to it.

It is a sad story to hear of such a great company losing site of quality control. Hope it all works out in your favor.
I have a PC 627 snubby. The only thing I found wrong with mine was the poor fitting Eagle grips - love the look of their Secret Service grips, but never had a pair that fit as well as other brands.
They can't get enough skilled workers
I gotta take exception with that. We've seen this with countless other products and companies. ITS NOT THE LABOR FORCE, ITS THE MANAGEMENT. they are the ones telling Bobby Jo that he has 15 seconds with each piece. If he don't get through enough parts in a day, he gets his ass reamed.