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Uber N00b Question

SL Dangerous

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I know I could find the answer by harnessing the Google power but it's more fun asking y'all!

Are dies interchangeable with other manufacturer's presses? My brother gave me all of his reloading stuff which included a Lee "hand press". I ordered Lee 30-06 dies before even opening the box he sent the stuff to me in as I knew he only had 9mm and 5.56 dies. Can I use them with say a Hornady or Dillon press?

I've barely started reading up on reloading and don't plan on going elbow deep for awhile though I want to make sure I don't buy anything I'll have to return later on.

Thanks gents


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Standard threads on nearly all dies will be the now standard 7/8-14 thread, that is a diameter of 7/8", with 14 threads per inch.

There is some variance in .50 BMG dies, with some manufacturers using 1-1/4- 12 and some making their dies 1-1/2- 12 thread.

And you may occasionally find some old Lyman or Ponsness Warren dies with 7/8-9 threads.