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Upland Season getting near


Blaster of Birdies!

Anyone else as excited as I am? LOL. I soooo need a break from the house. My only real wish (that will never happen) is that I get the quail that live a block from my house. I see them nearly every day and I know they are just taunting me! Little sons a *&$%@#* LOL.


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I've got two coveys of about 30 birds each living in the backyard and the open field behind me. Every morning the little $#@$##$ strut by the back door of the house to show me how fat they are getting. Then they eat all the grain I put out for them, drink the water, flip off the cat and myself and stroll back into the brush.

It drives the cat nuts. She sits there and chatters at them, tail a thumping the window sill, while they pig out.
If she ever gets out, they are toast.


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Ooooorahhhhh, season opens in 21 days..get them doggies ready and go shoot a round of clays for practice.

My shorthairs are primed, especially since the early mornings are getting cooler (under 80*) and seen the guns out for pre-season.

Gonna take em' out for some pre-season bird training/tune up before the season opens


Blaster of Birdies!
Sure, closest are about an hour drive away
There are some even closer than that...depending on where you live. First thing I would do is stop over at the Clark County Government building and pick up a map of where you can legally discharge firearms. Then hit NDow and pick up the new regs with map. You might be surprised at how close they are.

On a side note, I did 2 rounds of trap Friday night, first set I was 24/25 second, not as good, lol but still ok.
Saturday I attempted to sight in my rifle and after only 9 shots and a...special group of guys next to me, I left the range. Next time I sight in will be in the desert.:scsniper1:

Capt Bob

I've probably come across some of those "special guys" at the range
makes ya wish your rifle ... pistol...shotgun...would shoot sideways...

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Blaster of Birdies!
For the legal to discharge, it is on the 4th floor in the Geological Info Services office. When you get off the elevator walk to the main hall turn left head down to til you can go to your left again and it was the first office on your right. You can only go into the one office so pretty easy to find. There is a extremely nice older woman in a cubical there (feels like you should not be there) and she will talk your ear off if you give her a chance. The map is next to her area.

Capt Bob


In my quest for a local place to do a little off the cuff hunting I went to NDOW and then the city, city said they were out of the maps...it figures...so I'm guessing I'm out of luck this fall in finding a place...so I go to The Sahara to see the Sandy Hackett Rat Pack Show...locals ticket is a flat $20...wow...what a great show...if ya like this stuff...GO!

anyway I'm getting into my SUV in the parking deck and see a bunch of birds walking/running down the ramp ahead of me...thinking pidgeons or black birds I give them no thought until I close in....it's about 18-20 QUAIL...just a trotting along..when a car approaches they ducked under the parked cars...now I've been in a lot of parking garages and more than a few times in the Sahara...but QUAIL???? that's a first for me....

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I stayed at the AF Inn on Nellis for a week last Nov/Dec with my Grandpa when he was looking for a house. 4 or 5 times I saw a covey of about 30 Gambel's quail hanging out right outside the check in/out lobby.

These birds were so brave that they practically played "chicken" with me when I'd drive off base. I had to stop the car and watch them strut across the street saying "nah nah nah nah nah nah you can't hunt me".

In CA it was the same way with chukar. I'd head up to Red Mountain just south of Ridgecrest every year the day before the opener. I'd see literally 200 hundred birds within 1/4 mile of my truck. The yahoos would show up opening morning with ATVs and beer and scatter the birds. The only chukar I'd end up seeing that day were within the limits of a few towns along the 395.

If anyone has a relatively FLAT area with quail and wants to point me to their honeyhole I might get a license this year. My back can't handle 60 degree inclines for chukar anymore :eek:ld:


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Go down to Willow Beach, you can feed them like wally world pigeons. They just hang around the picnic tables waitin for handouts. Brave little ****s too. They just about come right up to ya.


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Are you looking for places to shoot or hunt?

Get a map from NDOW and pick up a guzzler map if you are looking for legal places to hunt

Searchlight area, Xmas tree pass, south and west of there, Kane Springs up 93 Delmar Valley, not sure about Gold Butte area anymore or Misquite area. Then Ash Meadows, Key Pittman, Beatty etc etc.

Don't forget your license, upland stamp and HIP#. Fishcops will check.

If you wanna hunt birds, be prepared to drive. :auto:

Thats life in socalarinev

Capt Bob

Thanks appreciate the input ...
now I have to find out where to get a guzzler map???
boy is this a tough state to get info in...

when I lived in VA they just about brought it to your door for ya....


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You can get the guzzler maps at any NDOW office. It's a large book of area topo maps of the state. I think it's about $25. I use the guzzler map and a two others to locate all this stuff. It's not "just a walk in the woods" to find all this stuff.


Blaster of Birdies!
You can get the guzzler maps at any NDOW office. It's a large book of area topo maps of the state. I think it's about $25.
Try $40 now. I know I was shocked too. I probably should have just snagged my co-workers and transcribed the info to one of my 50 other maps, lol.


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$40??? holee crapola. Man thats steep. Plus you need to know a bit about map reading because the guzzler maps aren't beginner friendly.

I use 3 maps, the NV Gazetteer, an NV Road & Recreation map by Benchmark and the Guzzler map. The maps by Benchmark are excellent and available at walley world.


Blaster of Birdies!
need to know a bit about map reading because the guzzler maps aren't beginner friendly.

The maps by Benchmark are excellent and available at walley world.
If the 40 wasn't to help maintain the guzzlers I would not have paid it. It is both steep and silly, especially when you go through and see there are only a couple of guzzlers in most areas. Oh and it is not...exactly accurate. Hell according to the map I live in the desert and the Rancho airport looks to be just starting out, lol.


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Goto page 57 in the southern region,, top right will say Clover Mtns. That is Kane Valley and the Delamar range. More guzzlers than you can hunt in a week.:D

If you bring a dog and make sure he/she is wearing boots..it'll tear their pads up if they don't


Blaster of Birdies!
That is one of the areas I go actually :D Sadly I am not going this opening weekend now. Just found out a few days ago that my wife is going to miscarry with our first. Been a tough couple days all hunting plans put on back burner until this pans out. So for those of you that go...save me a couple birds will ya? :)