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Utah mule deer hunt


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Heading up to Utah for a Muled Deer hunt. We are going up next Friday...season opens on saturday....hopefully pics to follow.....:glare: gonna try out the DPMS 6.5 creedmoor as a hunting rifle....also packing a 30/30 marlin for a brush gun....we shall see how it goes!!!


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Good luck! Where in Utah is your hunt?

I have property in Duck Creek and had wild turkeys, does and fawns, a big 5x5 buck, and a forked horn buck eat every day from a food block we put out about 20 feet from the front deck where we sit and have coffee! No hunting there but cool to see.


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Hell ya. Hopefully I will be coming home with a monster mulie! It is going to be good just to be out there though. I will be JUST outside payson up on mt. Nebo. We are going to pack in about 5 miles...hopefully get away from crowds


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mmmmm elk steaks!

There is nothing like an elk steak and potatoes after a long day of shooting! (Fried in bacon grease). Damn that's good stuff!


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Happy hunting

I know I will have a good hunt...haven't had a bad one yet:thumbup1:

I may even get to harvest an animal!

Thanks :scsniper1:


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Mother Nature won this round!

Here are some pics from the utah hunt, we did not harvest a buck up there, the only one we saw was in someone's yard right in town in Payson. We saw a lot of other hunters and we got rained on...pretty miserable weather...still to get out and see the country though....

A bad day of hunting is still WAY BETTER than a good day of working!!!