WTS Variety of Firearms west Las Vegas

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Hi-Stanurd Dura-Matic M101 1950's. $450

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Here's a very clean, all original, WWII German P.38 pistol! Manufactured by Mauser in 1944, this pistol is coded "byf44". It has properly matching serial numbered parts (frame, slide, barrel, and locking block) and is NOT import marked. This is NOT a Russian capture, dip-blued pistol...the finish is completely original. The original military blue finish rates about 95-96% overall. There is some slight sharp edge wear but the front grip strap, usually the first place to show handling wear, still retains most of the original blue finish. The various parts that should be unfinished "in the white" are exactly that. The original red/brown polymer AEG grips are correct for the pistol and in excellent condition, free of cracks, chips, or scratches. The mechanics are in perfect working order, including the safety/decocker. The bore is excellent...bright, sharp, and free of pitting. It comes with an Eagle/88 marked WWII era magazine that is in very good condition with just some minor surface freckling. Overall, a very nice example of the front line WWII German sidearm. $1700

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Stoeger Luger .22 $350
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Colt Python 4" Shooter extra grips. $1800
Colt Python 1962 Shooter extra grips. $2100

Smith & Wesson 629 No dash Transition still Pinned and Recessed 4" $1200
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Smith & Wesson 629 No dash Transition still Pinned and Recessed 6" $1100
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The sights are also after market.
Thanks for the reply and thats true but I think the early Micro Sights mite have been installed for national match gun at end of ww1 Back when our Government wanted the men of USA to know modern weapons at the time so we could defend ourselves. Good thing some guys learned because 11 million where deployed for WW2. Thats what our 2nd amendment is all about and why there should be no gun regulation of any kind ever in this country. It is rarely stated that Japan did not invade ONLY because of weariness how well American public was armed. This 1911 is testament to that fact. Sorry not looking to scam anyone. I to appreciate originals however the price would reflect that. Here are some originals NOT FOR SALE AT THIS TIME.
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