Versacarry holsters

Dr. Marneaus

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I have a few of their leather holstewrs as well, good products if you dont mind the "universal" type fit. I carry with them regularly and have no complaints.

I did try one of their opriginal plastic versacarry "plug goes into the barrel" units, and hated it.


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Not criticizing, but doesn't the front sight get hung up on the open bottom style?
Does the front sight get more wear and accidental hits?


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Not big on the extra mag carried OWB strong side next to the gun.
Seems hard to grab mag with left hand while holding gun in right for reload
They have a Black Friday code for 40% off and it works for close out items as well.
Even better: If you whore yourself out and post a review of "your" holster on any gun related forum and submit it to them, you get a $75 store credit... 😉