Vortex Optics questions

Curiosity is getting the best of me. I will have a 4.5-27 here in a couple days and was wondering about total travel in the new scopes. The website says 28 , but if you remove the L-tec - or whatever they're calling the new system - you can get 33 MRAD. Now I know the new setup has .5 MRAD below zero and to adjust it further you need to remove the cap and adjust the internal turret. Does this mean that it has 5 MOA below zero?

Are they setting up the scope differently than before where essentially 1/2 the travel was up and 1/2 was down? Which is why we went with canted bases right? With my current Burris XTR I have a 20 MOA base and another 30 MOA in the rings. I'm 2.5 MRAD from the bottom leaving me with close to 21 up.

I'm trying to figure out how much up elevation I'm going to have before I get the scope. Not shooting crazy distances but I'd like to have enough elevation go to a mile with a 6.5 CM (~21MRAD) without holdover.