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What defines the HUNT as I was raised to believe.

A man or a boy with a gun goes after an animal, a duck, a goose or a bird with the intent to kill it dead. Period.

A successful hunt has always meant one or more dead critters intended to be killed and thus taken into custody by the rightful hunter
but never resulting in a dead hunter, a dead person, a dead hunting dog or game taken by a person who had not earned it.

If birds or rabbits are gone after, there always has to be at least one dog present. Such hunts are never complete sans dog.

This is what I have always envisioned whenever I heard the word HUNT, HUNTER or HUNTING.

I have always envisioned hunters as wearing some kind of hat or cap on the hunt.

In my boyhood, I had never envisioned hunters as wearing cammies, but rather sporting gentleman's clothing.

Still whenever somebody says HUNT, I think of a gun immediately, never a falcon, a spear or an arrow.