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What part of Nevada do you reside in?

Based on the Map, Where do you reside?

  • "Western Region"

    Votes: 45 31.0%
  • "Eastern Region"

    Votes: 3 2.1%
  • "Southern Region"

    Votes: 86 59.3%
  • Outside of Nevada

    Votes: 14 9.7%

  • Total voters
North Valleys area of Reno. I've been in the Reno area since I got out of the Air Force in 1994. I love the North Valleys area. Lots of places to shoot, hike, 4 wheel and camp, without the hassles of downtown.


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I would bet a large percentage of non-native Nevadan members here are native Californian's. I moved to Nevaduh on March 9, 2010 (yes I remember the exact date lol) from Orange County. I trust that us political refugees do not and would not vote for Californicated politicians, ballot questions, etc but we're fairly heavily outnumbered due to nanny statists moving here. We need to shut that sh!t down instead of roll over and die like I watched happen in the PRK!
I have lived in CA since I was 16, except for 6 years in the Army. I am 63, will be in Henderson in June. Conservative, gun guy. I drove 5 miles from my house to Costco. Beggars everywhere. I can't wait until I am in Henderson next month. CA is done, gone, ruined by the Democrats.


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Maybe Clark County should be listed separate as they have the same voting patterns as L.A.
Washoe to a lesser degree.
Rural Clark County doesn't at all. The infestation of California voters is virtually isolated to Reno and Vegas urban areas.
Spanish Springs here, another CA tranny. Moved here 6/09/17. My wife and I hope to offset 2 of the dumb ass liberal votes that came here to make this state another CA.


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I escaped the PRK in April of 2005 before my hometown started to become home of overpriced apartments and condos for techie crowd now an old Ford dealership is in the sites to be leveld for more apartments and condos.


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Ok guys, I am flying in to Vegas on Monday and will be there for a week. Meet my wife's new oncologist, get a PO box and look for a house in Henderson. When we find one, I will be asking questions about the area. Ours in CA is in contract, I have been approved for VA so let the fun begin, because, believe me, the last few weeks has been anything but fun. Paint, patch, cut, haul loads to the dump, new windows installed, plumbing and updating things in the house. I am ready to leave this place, I will knock the blue off of my boots when I get off the plane.


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If everything goes well with the VA loan, I will be a homeowner in Henderson. Our house passed muster so the sale is going OK. Made an offer on a house in Henderson and it was accepted. Now we will wait. We will be moving on the 22nd. My daughter and son in law closed on theirs last week, so we will stay there for a week or so until our home is final. If it falls through for some reason, we will bite the bullet and get a two story. Later in the year, My son will join us with his son and wife. We are all conservative gun owners with conservative values and beliefs.


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60% in Southern Nevada!

30% in "Western Region"

This is pretty much what I was thinking on this.


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We just had our offer accepted on a home in the Northern Reno area.. Two more conservative Californians to join your ranks..


LEGEN...wait for it... DARY!
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Eastern region in Elko, NV
So you're the other one. Poll allowed more than one vote, so I added Eastern as I spend a significant amount of time staying and working in Ely/McGill, in addition to my primary unfortunate residence in "California" County.