What's The Best Match Ammo Out There For . . .

the .22 caliber ammo I know that is expensive. However, I still would like to know what you guys are using and the results you're getting :confused1:
At the present time I just ran thru my CZ 452 1,160 of CCI Copper Plated Round Nose. Now I'm really for LRN but I'm still thinking of entering target competition and would like know what's some of the BEST AMMO 2 use.
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I use Wolf Match Extra 22LR for a custom Ruger 10/22 rifle I built; I am very pleased with the consistency and groups. I think this round has been used by winter Olympic shooters in the biathlon, winning gold. The other brand that is well recognized is Eley. It is best to try several match grade ammunition brands' out with your rifle to see performance. Of course, match grade ammunition is not cheap, but you do see great results.


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The most consistent ammo I buy for my 22's is CCI Standard Velocity. About 7 cents each when bought in bulk (5K at a time)

Agular Standard Velocity is about the best cheap 22LR I ever shot. About 4 cents a round when bought in bulk. But not as a consistant as CCI SV.


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22LR is a different animal being that we are all at the mercy of a factory doing everything for us. There are many factors involved in doing load developement for a single rifle and usually we can tune for those. With 22LR the options are severely limited.

Assuming you have done the important work with your rifle the hunt for ammo starts. Out of the gate, all Match 22LR ammo is subsonic and for good reason. This will eliminate your bullet going transsonic during its flight and the inherant instability during that transition. After that it's all about going through the numbers. Many name brands of ammo are said to come from the same few factories. Whatever magic that happens inside before they are finally packaged is a matter of many diverse opinions. A single factory in Europe is said to make Lapua, SK and Wolf. The head stamp on SK Rifle Match looks just like Lapua Center X. Same? Different in some way? SK is 13 cents a round, Lapua is 19 cents.

After all of that our results were:

CCI Standard Velocity: 7CPR 1-1.25moa
SK Rifle Match: 14CPR. 1-1.25moa
Lapua Center X: 19CPR. 1-1.25moa

The difference in the 3 was that the more expensive ammo had fewer flyers over time. Even after making various changes to the rifles to improve accuracy and consistency the group sizes and consistency improved equally between the 3.

We tested several others: a few Eley's, another SK Match type, and a few other brands that I've already forgotten because they weren't memorable, all somewhere over 1.50moa with stringing issues. Also tried 6 or 7 SS rounds and they were basically crap comparatively.

Overall there is only so much that can be done with a 22 rifle if for no other reason than the limitations of the ammo. It will all come back to the size of target you are shooting and the distance. Shooting benchrest with a 1/4" circle at 50 yards might be worth 14-cents per round or even 19. Shooting 2" steel at 100 yards might only need the 7-cpr or 14. Shooting open sights definitely won't need the higher cost rounds.

Stay Subsonic
Stay 40gr
Stay away from hollow point
I also stay away from any plated or jacketed

The only way to know what your rifle will like is to shoot it.
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in a 10/22 sk pistol match is shooting lights out in 6 or 7 rifles at our matches.

your CZ id suggest you try wolf match extra and match target as well as some of the less expensive eley...the 200yd target i posted in your barrel tuner thread is eley edge but wolf ME and MT both shoot just about as well as the eley edge does.

id also stay away from copper bullets and high velocity ammo....a 22 bullet does not transition well from super to subsonic.