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Where to buy AR lowers in Northern NV?

Morning guys, decided I want to build a pistol, where in the Reno area can I buy reasonable lowers? I have had good luck with Anderson and a few others, is there anyone in the area that sells these? Last I checked Sparks Black Rifle they had only high end lowers. Thank you.


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Good luck, Brother - state background checks are backed up at least a week behind. If you have your CCW and you're purchasing from a dealer then you're good. Otherwise, you are in for a wait.
I have the CCW and happy to buy from a dealer. Just not sure where to go, I can call around but was hoping someone might have a favorite place they could share.
Actually their price is $55 unless you are current or retired LEO, Vet, first responder etc. I looked a couple days ago when picking up an order that came in. But they sounded like they had a stack of them in the back.

I had no hesitation buying when when Aero e-mailed me an offer for a blem for $68.