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Which AK47 mags to buy?


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I need to buy some AK mags for my new Sig 556r rifle. In Gabe Suarez's testing all mags except the US Palm ones work flawlessly. Which mags are good reliable and sturdy? I have never bought AK mags before only Pmags. Availability and source to by from would be appreciated too.

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Most are reporting slight issues with getting the Circle 10's to fit as well, and FWIW they are likely the best AK mags.


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Best steel AK mags are Bulgarian, CDNN has them for $15, might find them cheaper but I doubt it.

Magpul makes AK mags now and they are great!

Russian bakelites are the best in the world if you don't mind paying $45 or so for them.

The Circle 10 waffles are good, the radius on the rear corners is wider than the radius on some receivers (mostly stamped ones). No big deal, just file the corner a tad.

I mean file the corner on the mag not the rifle magwell.


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My personal preferences are Bulgy Circle 10 polymer metal reinforced mags and Russky bakelites. Only problem is right now good luck finding any,and even if you do they will be listed at ass rape prices. Still you can never go wrong with good ol' Eastern European Combloc steel milsurp mags. Get some now while you still can.
Some great info and recommendations in this thread.

I'm just gonna add 20-round Hungarian Tanker mags.

Function perfectly in all my AK's, and are much better suited for any shooting from a bench or prone position, as the 30-round mags stick out too far.


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I use Korean ones
There are two different ones, gray and black
Black ones work good, gray ones suck


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I'll vouche for the Tapco mags which have been reliable for me all these years. I have about 20+ in my stash. Also the Bulgarian steel mags, also 20+, and reliable. A couple of the steel ones had fitting issues and I had to dremel a bit around the feed lips to make them work.

The advantage of the Tapco mags is that polymer is considerably lighter than steel, which makes a difference if you're humping across the desert.


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Surplus steel magazines have been good for me. Korean, Bulgarian, Croatian, etc. no issues. I also have some tapcos that have been ok for range use. I hear magpie ones are good to go also, but I’m a big fan of steel surplus

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I have tapco and magpul. Both work good. Except tapcos dont fit without shaving for my npap. But fits my wasr great. Probably best to buy one and see how it fits no matter what brand you choose. In other news I have about 20 tapco mags for sale. Some brand new some used.