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Why Own A Single Action Revolver

1.)Slows down your rate of fire helping your ability to hit what your shooting at.
2.)Single Action trigger pull is very light,this makes it easier to shoot more accurately.
3.)You don’t have to pick-up your shells scattered all over the ground especially if you reload.
4.)You don’t generally use or spend as much on ammo and still get a thrill shooting compared to a 16 round magazine commonly used in auto-pistols.
5.)Historic/nostalgic feeling you get that many new shooters overlook while just shooting the lastest polymer auto pistol.
6.)Adding one to your collection just because you don’t have one,kinda like the same reason I bought a 1911
Did I miss anything?


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5.)Historic/nostalgic feeling you get that many new shooters overlook while just shooting the lastest polymer auto pistol.

Works for me...


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Next time I OC at an event I'll have to do that. I'm always tempted but have always opted to go with the XD.
A single action revolver is a good firearm to start out on. My first was a Ruger Single Six .22 LR/.22 Mag. After I fired a half dozen rounds of the .22 LR, I much preferred the .22 Mag cylinder in it. I took my then 13 year old son shooting with it once and a couple of decades later, he asked me if he could have the gun because he had good memories from it, so I gave it to him. My next SA was given to me by an ex-gf as a birthday present. It was a Bearcat .22 LR. It was mfg. in 1962. A couple of months ago, my younger son and G'daughter fired it out at the range and they both liked it. Since I am not wild about it, being too small for my hand, he asked me for it and I will be shipping it out to him as soon as FFL's exchange some info. I was about to write about my GP-100, then realized that is a double action firearm. The reasons others have written above are pretty much mine as well. The appeal of an old western style gun is always appealing!
I prefer a Single action revolver for anything larger than 357 Magnum. For me the single action distributes the recoil in a much more comfortable manner. I've shot friends 454 Super Redhawks and I once owned a 480 Ruger. Full house loads in both those revolvers were more than I cared for.
Good question, I haven't yet found a good reason to own one. I guess if you can't shoot a DA revolver with any accuracy you might do better with a dedicated SA. I guess thats why Ruger builds lots of SA as there DA triggers aren't worth a $hit.
Interesting, I'm the opposite, I almost NEVER cock the hammer on any of my revolvers. 99% of the time I'm shooting DA because that's how I'd be shooting in a defensive situation.

Makes good sense - train as you will fight, as they say.

I don't keep any of my revolvers in the home defense or carry rotation, other than a snub nosed S&W Airweight 38 Special that I will rarely carry (used to be my primary until I bought a Ruger LC9S Pro). So my revolvers are mainly for range fun.


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SA fan here too but don't currently have one. Plan to pick up a Ruger in .45 Colt one of these days, used to have one and a twin in .44 Mag but preferred the .45 Colt. You can load it up if you desire.

Ruger LC9s Pro. Now there is an awesome carry gun. Never leave home without mine!