Winchester 1894

I have a 1894 Winchester (1915) pack rifle 16" barrel that I would like to put a sling on. Does anybody have any suggestions? Rifle is beautiful and is a .30-30 and shoots perfectly. One of my favorite to shoot. I'd like for it to be easier to carry when out in the desert, since I don't own a horse or saddle I thought a sling would be great. I however don't want to tarnish or compromise the wood. Thanks.
This is great.

Thank You I never thought or have seen this type of sling. You sir have made my day and your response so is very much appreciated! God bless you sir!


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You're welcome.

This type of sling is fast to install or remove, and will not alter the gun, although if you let the loop end that goes around the barrel slide around enough, over a period of time (months at the vary least of carrying it this way on a day to day basis) it can wear down the blue on the barrel.

The buttstock portion rarely ever slips, and usually has a soft interior lining so that it will not mar the finish on the stock.

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I know you said you didnt want to alter the wood but....i just installed a standard stud in the butt stock, then used a small barrel band stud for the front.

One of those could still be useful even if you do the rear leather stock option, because it owuld allow for the use of a standard quick release swivel in the front.

Another option, if you so wish, is a front barrel band (the one that goes around the wooden fore arm) with a built in swivel, as such:

I actually have one of these that doesnt fit my .357 trapper. I would be willing to sell it cheap if you'd like it. Shoot me a PM.