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Winchester Ranger 140

Hi Y'all,
I just picked up a Winchester Ranger 20 ga without a barrel, at least that's what I was told it was. Researching it, Iit sounds like a 1400 barrel would work, but that's not clear.
No markings on the receiver except serial #, so how can I determine if it is actually a 20ga?
And, of course, i need a barrel.
Any input would be greatly appreciated!


Obsessed Member
Staff member
Yes, a barrel from a Model 1400 will fit and work, the 140 was just the cheaper version of the 1400, hardwood stock versus walnut stock, better finish on the 1400 , etc.

As for how to tell if it is a 12 or a 20, that's easy.

Take a 12 gauge shell and see if it fits in the bolt face recess or not.
12 gauge rim is about .875" in diameter, 20 gauge is .761" in diameter, should be pretty obvious at that point which one it is.

If it lacks the bolt (stripped receiver) then contact Winchester, give them the serial number and see if they can ID which chambering it left the factory with.

Oh, and there are barrels for sale on E-Bay and Gun Broker, etc. they run anywhere from $50 to $150.
Thanks, Steve! I'll try that sizing method. The gun is complete except for a barrel. I've looked on GB and ebay, and found only 0ne barrel, but I'll keep looking.
Yes, I saw his website last night. A little pricey. I'm in no hurry, so I'll keep looking. If you see a cheap one, let me know.
Thanks, Paul