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Worth upgrading from WASR if only going to have one AK?

Getting a little back into the AK game. Probably take a class, occasional competition when I feel like leaving the AR at home. Also, figure it's good to diversify if we hit another ammo availability bump.

I have a WASR. It's fine, typical WASR, certainly nothing special.

If I am only going to have one AK, is it worth upgrading to something nicer? Was thinking maybe an Arsenal or the PSA AKE. Open to other suggestions as well.

I would be willing to spend a bit. Just wondering if it would be worth it, and if a better rifle would get me more excited than my WASR.... which again is fine... it's just meh.


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WASR has been in service in Romania and other battle countries across the globe for decades in a multitude of variants. After going through the “upgrade game” and spending ridiculous amounts of money for no actual return on performance (aesthetics, and collectibility were the only thing I gained) I think you could spend the cash in something better.

Ammo, optics rail if you don’t have one, solid red dot for the rail, and training (which you’re already gonna do anyway). Best of luck.


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Short answer - no.

Longer answer - not likely. You may be able to spend a fair amount of money to get better than minute of man accuracy but given the range limitations of 7.62x39 I don’t think there is much of a reason to chase a lot better in that caliber.
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If the WASR works and the sights aren't canted beyond belief, I'd say no. I've been inside a couple of examples of the brands you're thinking about and neither one is all that IMO.


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My take on higher end AK's is they hold their value but other than that, I'm not sure there's much there to warrant the increase in cost. The Arsenal SAM7 I had was nicer than a WASR that I have shot due to the ambi features. It wasn't any more accurate for sure. I just shot and handled a short Zastava. For the extra $100 or so they are over the WASR, I would buy one of those as it felt a little better quality. Whether that is real or imagined on my part is anyone's guess :) I wouldn't advocate selling a WASR to get one if I already had the WASR.
Nope. Spend the money on more mags and ammo. I have a few Wasr’s and they go bang every time I squeeze. I also have a 107FR and the newer 107 and other than fit and furniture. They do the same thing for me. I bought when aks were 350-400 BNIB and Arsenals could be had 650 BNIB. Like stated before if the sights aren’t canted like they had the problems with 2013-2015 builds. You should sleep well knowing you have a rifle that’ll go bang every time.


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If you are ever on ar15.com there is a thread from battlefield vegas about high round count aks. Stamped wasrs will run on average for 100k rnds before they start cracking receiver rails. Arsenal milled aks from reading are the most reliable on super high round count rentals which get bashed around all day everyday.
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I had a PSA AK47 and sold it.
Bought a Reilly Defense AK47 pistol to replace it. Added a SBT-47 brace, MI 30mm mount with a Red Dot.
Just about 3" shorter than a "regular" AK would be, and handles a whole lot better. Runs just fine with numerous times of ammo.
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Depends on your gun budget (and this is completely independent of your "real life" budget - as there are many who make this hobby a priority and want top shelf gear, while drving a 10-year old pickup.)

I've had a couple of dozen AK's pass through my collection over the years, and now down to just a handful. I like the top-shelf stuff.

Two that I will never part with (insert pry from my cold dead fingers here) are Krebs Custom rifles, and while they cost 2-3 times as much as a basic WASR (when they were just $600 OTD, and may not shoot "2-3 times better", they ARE nicer firearms, and I enjoy using them. A lot.



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I moded both my WASR and Arsenal with Ultimak gas rails and red dots, ergo pistol grips, folding stocks, the whole 9 yards. Both shoot great, the Arsenal a little more accurate. Then sadly lost them both in a boating accident.