WTS Ruger 44 Magnum Backpacker NIB 750.00

pix489289073.jpg pix502813420.jpg pix374563632.jpg pix445279403.jpg pix489289073.jpg pix502813420.jpg WTS Ruger 44 Magnum Backpacker Talo edition - NIB 4", stainless, wood grips. See photos. Text 424 675-0775. Live in Las Vegas. 750.00

pix374563632.jpg pix374563632.jpg pix445279403.jpg pix374563632.jpg pix445279403.jpg pix489289073.jpg pix445279403.jpg pix374563632.jpg pix502813420.jpg pix489289073.jpg
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Would be easier for folks to see the price if you add it to the original post - but you aren't required to.

In the future, please remember, Price, Pics Location.

Thanks again and welcome!