WTS/WTT Mini 14, Mark 1 target pistol, 10/22,


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Jackee can you tell me more about the ak? Was that a factory configuration? Or is it some sort of bubba job? Any other markings? Import marks?


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I bought from someone who got it from an estate sale. It looks like new condition. I did all kind of searches, the receiver , is from a high end AK 47. I can't finf the Bullpup manufacturer, At one point I found the Sights , I think cost a few hundred. for the oversized sights, which I liked, because of senior vision. I have not found any pictures online that look like it.
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Check on the flash hider where it gets wrenched, there would be a divet mark where a pin would be driven in and welded over. If there isnt, then you should be able to just twist it off by hand just slightly.


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It fits the G26 , with the steamlight/lazer I'm selling , I don't know what the steamlight oj is, anyway would not sell Vender holster separately.