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XD trigger question


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If I buy an XD Mod 2 and don't like the trigger how hard would it be for me to do an after market trigger myself? My gun smithing knowledge is limited to strip, clean and lube. Also how much does it cost if I have an expert do it? Thanks for input...
This is a great replacement for the XD line. I replaced the trigger on my XD MOD.2 9mm and my dad's XDM 40SW. Piece of cake. 45 minute job with a little fuss getting the sear pin aligned with the safety lever, sear and the ejector. Had to do some cleaning as well.

PRP Trigger kit well worth the money, having a gunsmith do it? Nah. Just watch some videos. There is even one on PRP's web page of it being replaced on an XDM. Good thing too, there is a difference between the XDM and the Mod.2.

The Mod.2 requires you to drop the striker before removing the slide. The XDM doesn't do this. There is a video out there warning that if you don't assemble the Mod.2 correctly and can't drop the striker, you can't remove the slide. BULLS**T!. Using a small punch, you can disengage the sear and drop the striker. There is a small gap under the striker spring retaining plate that allows you to do this.

I realize this post is a little old, but perhaps it may help someone else out there with the same apprehension as the OP.


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To the OP: What became of this project? I personally distrust aftermarket parts and work on pistols. Springfield Armory is again offering a factory trigger job on its XD line of pistols (except for the XD-S). This option is the only one I would consider for trigger work on any XD. I have seen the other types fail in competition.