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10/22 Charger Project


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Making progress. Got the barrel back from the smith and got a few parts back from Cerakote. I looked all over for an 8 inch Take down but came up empty. New Frontier had this one on consignment as a 10 inch at a good price so I went with that. Chopped off two inches, added a little color, a folding brace and a binary trigger. Now I’m just waiting the 9 months to forever for my tax stamp so we can get the can on. Next project is the Pike Arms Gatlin gun.





Old Guy With Gun Fetish
Nice looking rig.
I don't care for the takedowns, but to each his own.

I put together this charger a while back. Still haven't shot it :eek:

JWH Customs auto bolt release
JWH Customs enhanced extractor and spring.
TACBRO oversized bolt handle
Tacfire 1/2 x 28 threaded muzzle brake
Copper Customs brace adapter
Kak Shockwave Blade pistol brace (adjustable length)
Kak dimpled tube
TactiCycle extended set screw for Kak Blade
FieldSport 4 MOA Micro Red Dot Sight

Fully Extended, 30 1/2 "
Shortend Up, 27 1/2"

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