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1903A3 restoration

Thought I’d share four of my most recent 1903A3 restorations. All started life as drill rifles with the barrels plugged and welded, the bolds with striker ground off and striker hole welded, cutoff welded to prevent bolt removal. Often the stocks are plastic drill stocks. These are great for building vintage or CMP match rifles or faux 1903A4 snipers.

All rifles have new Criterion barrels. New bolts. Original parts reparkerized.

My favorite rifle to shoot.






Coup d'etat

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Do any fall into the serial numbers for brittle receivers?
The rifles look beautiful. Excellent work 👍


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Very nice indeed. My 1903A3 is the most accurate Military Surplus rifle I own.

Dr. Marneaus

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Nice! that sounds like alot of work. Those look beautiful and I'm sure with the new barrels they shoot as good as they look.