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2021 hunting season


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Thanks, doz!

Yeah, our odds will be a little interesting this year. I read an article a few weeks ago that Colorado just recorded its highest number of applicants for the 2021 season. Last year in Nevada, a record number of applications were submitted and this year I would suspect it will be no different.

However, it's still a lottery system here so even with 0 points, there is always a shot :)
For OP and any other new hunters who stumble on this thread. The point system has changed its a good idea to put in for points on other species than what you want to hunt"this year"it greatly increases your odds when you do decide to go for that once in a lifetime hunt. Also important always apply for "points only" even on years you can't or don't want to hunt. The high success rate areas are no longer secret in Nevada, expect to fight for a tag in these coveted areas.
Hey I was drawn ! I have a Pronghorn longer than ears tag in area 141,143,151-156 ! I'll be brining two rifles WBY MK V 257 WBY Magnum and a Winchester M-70 7mm WSM as a back up. Anyone familiar with these areas ? I've driven through on the HWY . This will be my first Prong horn hunt.


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I saw the mention of 2nd Draw in the older, less active thread.

I bet it will be slim pickins, but does anyone else intend to go look when it opens up in a couple days?

Has anyone ever drawn a unit that turned out to be cool on this draw?