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.25 ACP for the experts?

I have 6 rounds of .25 with a paper label that's typed ".25 ACP EXPLODER 1200FPS"..It has nickel cases and a weird blue tip on the nose so I'm curious what it does on impact...Any info, or any locals (Reno/Sparks) want it (free) and tell me what it does?
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I have never heard of it but it sounds like fun!! I used to have .22 spotting rounds, a small explosive in the tip that would give a puff of smoke on impact. It was fun also.

They are yours when you can meet up in Sparks! Have to give a "range report" on at least two (one soft target and one hard target). I really want to know if they do as advertised, just out of morbid curiosity :)
I'd be taking them for the cartridge collection.

I don't have anything chambered in 25acp, although we might have a 25acp reamer, and if we do I could make a chamber adapter, but I don't think we have any 251 barrel material

Maybe someone else needs to take these