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6" 10mm 1911 options


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I am a fan of the 10mm, can't pass up a 10mm discussion! Have at one time or another owned most of them: Dan Wesson, Glock 20, Colt Delta's, Kimber, Caspian custom, a custom Para-Ordnance steel hi-cap frame with a Caspian slide and Jim Clark ramped barrel, Springfield Armory, etc. Currently only have one and it is a 5" Kimber Stainless Target and based on it's quality and price if I were to buy a 6" that is what I would buy. Forged frame, awesome fit and finish, barrel lockup/slide/frame fit is perfect! Bomar type adjustable sight, fiber-optic front. What it doesn't have is the stupid rail on the dust cover.

BTW, I still have some boxes of original NORMA 10mm FMJ and HP stashed if you want to really blast a hog.
I'm looking for a sub premium 6" 10mm 1911 as my next purchase.
When I say "sub premium", I mean stayin out of the LB's, Wilson Combats, etc. Under $2K.

I would like it to be a possible hunting 10mm. Not really interested in any other caliber, as MHO is that the 10 rules ( I even have the T shirt ).

I"m a big fan of Dan Wessons. Currently have a CBOB 10, & VALOR 10MM.
Not really a fan of Glocks, although I have a G29 for when I'm riding my dirt bike.

So far, the top runners are ...

Dan Wesson Bruin
Kimber Stainless Target
Remington R1 Hunter
and the dark horse ...
The Rock Island Pro Ultra Match.

Any other thoughts?
Iver Johnson


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Thank X Bolt.

A few things have changed since my last post on this.

The TRP and I were getting along nicely. UNTIL I found the CMMG BANSHEE AR pistol in 10mm.



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So, I sold the TRP and bought the BANSHEE.

MAN! She is soo much fun and that DELAYED BOLT makes it incredibly soft shooting. My cousin & his wife visited and my woman and I took them out to the box canyon for some range time. They all shot it and everyone was amazed at how easy it was to shoot.

I'm very happy that I got this and don't really miss the TRP. Don't get me wrong, it was a good piece. But the BANSHEE brings a smile to my face just thinking of her.
I have the r1 hunter and it's been problem free and a joy to shoot for several years now. I had a couple of conversions in 460 Rowland , lived them but the ammo is too much of a pita to get and I'm too lazy to set up for hand loading apparently...
My choice is Delta Elite. A lot of guys complain about unsupported chamber, meaning you can't shoot Underwood hot loads and other heavy ammo. I shoot regular factory ammo, reload 8.0 grains of 180's and do just fine. Don't need anything hotter. As long as it is 10mm, ordered custom made t-shirts from internet " 10mm Matters"