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AKM Aftermarket Parts

I am getting a parts kit built into a custom rifle and am looking at optic options and a/m folding stocks that will fit onto the surplus rear trunnion.
Does anyone have experience with a railed dust cover like this or a zenitco product?


And does anyone have suggestions for an a/m folding stock that locks up tightly when extended and that’ll fit onto a single tang rear trunnion?
I’m considering this as an option, just wondering if anyone has experience with something like it..



Just another dude...
I've ran both the Texas Weapon Systems Dog Leg (Gen 3, it actually matters) and the Zenitco B-33. Both work well, so long as the rifle is built to spec. The Dog Leg required some messing around with the rear trunnion to fit properly, but I attribute that to the rear trunnion on that rifle being a bit (fack)y.

If you run the TWS, you have to give up the factory rear sight. They make a peep style sight that mounts to the rail though, and it works well enough. With the Zenitco, you have to run it with one of their lower handguards. Shipping times from Russia are currently around 3 months or so, although you can find them sometimes in the US for sale (AKStuff.com, dissidentarms.com both sell Zenitco products and are US based), just expect to pay more for stateside suppliers.

I can provide pics of how each of them look mounted if you want.

As for the stock, I've used the Zhukov in the past. It's a good stock, in my opinion. Not as durable as many options out there, but for a person with realistic expectations on how they'll use their rifle, it's good enough. Far more comfortable than the standard Warsaw length stocks, in my opinion.


Just another dude...
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This is the Zenitco AK. An Arsenal SLR106CR SBR, chambered in 5.56x45. Parts list, front to back:

Dead Air Wolverine (Suppressor)
Zenitco B-10U (Lower Handguard)
Surplus wood upper handguard
Zenitco RK-0 Foregrip
Zenitco B-9 light mount with a Streamlight TLR9 mounted
Zenitco RP-1 charging handle
Krebs safety
Zenitco B-33 dust cover
Zenitco PT-1 stock
Holosun HS503CU in an ADM low mount
ALG trigger and recoil spring
US Palm pistol grip


Rear of the Zenitco AK. It uses a modified recoil spring guide to notch into the rear trunnion. This is how the dust cover is secured in the rear.


This is how the front is secured. Two "arms" from the front hinge reach under the lower handguard, and are bolted in place. There's also a mechanical spacer sleeve underneath the front hinge which pushes the assembly upward as you close it.


Rear of the Zenitco AK with dust cover closed.
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Just another dude...

This is the other AK. This is a Romanian PM90 kit build from Atlantic, imported as a pistol and built into an SBR by yours truly. Chambered in 7.62x39. Parts list, back to front:

SLR Rifleworks Stock on an ACE folding mount
Tango Down/US Palm grip
Texas Weapon Systems Dog Leg Gen 3 with peep sight
Holosun HS515CM in an ADM low mount
Tromix extended charging handle
Krebs safety
Zenitco B-10U lower handguard
Zenitco B-19 upper handguard
Zenitco RK-6 foregrip
Streamlight HL-X with Arisaka adapter to Surefire UE07 with a CDS switch mount
VG-6 Epsilon muzzle brake


This is how the front of the Dog Leg mounts. An adapter bolts into the slot where the original rear sight sits.


A captive pin holds the dust cover to the aforementioned adapter plate. This means the Dog Leg can easily be removed from the rifle.


The rear of the Dog Leg works the same way as the B-33. A ramped recoil spring guide keeps the rear tucked down against the rear trunnion when closed.


With everything buttoned back up...
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Those both look bad ass.

Are those extended charging handles permanent?

Those rails look cool. With my kit I’m wanting to get it built so that I can swap a/m parts with the surplus, so I’m considering what fabarms has but not yet ready to pull the trigger..

How much was your zenitco cover?


Just another dude...
The Zenitco isn't. They're made to fit AK74 charging handles specifically, and the Arsenal is a 74 pattern rifle. The Tromix didn't stay on its own, so it's held on with JB Weld in addition to the screw. Sounds ghetto, but it works very well, and you'd never know unless I told you, lol.

I think I paid $180 + shipping from RU for the B-33.

Most everything done to these rifles is fully reversible. I could have them both back in basic wood/polymer in about 30 mins total.